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As a jazz flutist and member of the David Grisman Quintet since 1989, there came a point when I realized the classical exercises I was using, while useful, didn’t include the blues and jazz minor scales that are the most common scales used in jazz improvisation. I came up with my own exercises that used some of the approaches I’d learned from the famous classical pedagogies but using the blues and jazz minor scales. I found that by playing these exercises I became much more fluent in my improvisational technique. I’ve written down these exercises in a book I call Daily Finger Exercises for the Jazz Flutist. Regular practice of these exercises will give you total fluency in all 12 minor and major blues scales, as well as a better harmonic understanding and improvisational fluency within the diatonic scales.

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Accolades for Daily Finger Exercises:

“I really enjoy your book – it has helped me a lot with my fluidity … a great exercise book! One of the parts I’ve appreciated the most was in the introduction discussing the chord progressions…. it’s a blessed thing to have a language to describe it.”
E.K., Flutist – Birdsboro, PA
“Your exercise book works! I’m using it almost everyday and I can say my flute playing improves.”
J.B., Flutist – Amsterdam, Holland
“DAMN THIS IS GOOD STUFF! It’s so comprehensive, but simple… It’s like Taffenel & Gaubert from a different perspective of the brain. I played through it when you gave it to me, but its real strength comes when teaching with it.”
L.G., Flute Instructor – Oakland, CA
“Now I’m composing duets for my students using (often) the circle of fifths. I like your idea very much of saying the chord or scale in your head while playing. I think you’ve found a piece of the puzzle that has gone out of traditional classical teaching – connecting the cognitive to the ear while practicing.”
D.T., Flute Instructor – Berkeley, CA

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If you already play the flute but would like to improve your technique, develop a wide range of tonal colors, learn how to jam on the blues and jazz standards, or study flute sonatas, from Bach to Hindemith, I can help.

  • Flutist with The David Grisman Quintet since 1989
  • Performed with Marin Symphony and Opera Orchestras
  • Appears on three Grammy nominated CDs

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