Jazz and Blues Flute Exercise Book

Matt Eakle - Jazz Exercise Book

After decades of basing my daily flute practice routine around the classical “flutist’s bible,” Taffanel and Gaubert’s Daily Finger Exercises, and moving more and more in my professional career towards becoming a jazz flutist, I felt compelled to write the jazz flute exercise book, Daily Finger Exercises for the Jazz Flutist.

When I started playing jazz I added the altered modes and diminished scales to my daily practice regimen but I couldn’t find a jazz flute practice book that gave me the fluency in my jazz playing that Taffanel & Gaubert’s book did for my classical playing. I wanted the same fluency in the blues I had from years of practicing my diatonic scales. Since none of the jazz flute exercise books on the market satisfied me, I came up with my own flute exercises that used some of the approaches I’d learned from the famous classical pedagogies but used the blues and jazz minor scales instead.

I found that by playing these jazz flute exercises I became much more fluent in my improvisational technique. I’ve published these fingering exercises in a jazz flute practice book entitled Daily Finger Exercises for the Jazz Flutist.

Regular practice of these jazz flute exercises will give you total fluency in all 12 minor and major blues scales, as well as a better harmonic understanding and improvisational fluency within the diatonic scales.

Both teachers and students have found this jazz flute practice book to be an invaluable resource for their jazz flute studies.

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Outside the U.S. $30.00 (incl. shipping)

Accolades for Daily Finger Exercises:

“I really enjoy your book – it has helped me a lot with my fluidity … a great exercise book! One of the parts I’ve appreciated the most was in the introduction discussing the chord progressions…. it’s a blessed thing to have a language to describe it.”
E.K., Flutist – Birdsboro, PA



“Your exercise book works! I’m using it almost everyday and I can say my flute playing improves.”
J.B., Flutist – Amsterdam, Holland



“DAMN THIS IS GOOD STUFF! It’s so comprehensive, but simple… It’s like Taffenel & Gaubert from a different perspective of the brain. I played through it when you gave it to me, but its real strength comes when teaching with it.”
L.G., Flute Instructor – Oakland, CA



“Now I’m composing duets for my students using (often) the circle of fifths. I like your idea very much of saying the chord or scale in your head while playing. I think you’ve found a piece of the puzzle that has gone out of traditional classical teaching – connecting the cognitive to the ear while practicing.”
D.T., Flute Instructor – Berkeley, CA
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