Italian Television Commercial: Illy Coffee

When composer, arranger, Ed Goldfarb, called me to record a commercial for Illy coffee I expected another ordinary recording session. Instead, there were about 20 incredible musicians in the studio and Ed conducted us for a LIVE session. As if that wasn’t already unique enough in this age of overdubs, halfway through the session Francis Ford Copolla burst into the studio instantly sucking all the air out with his bigger than life presence, and proceeds to sing to us how he wants the piece performed.

It turns out in Italy they sometimes have 2 minute long TV commercials and Illy had hired Mr. Copolla to direct this one! I think you’ll see they got their money’s worth.

Internet Commercial: Method Laundry Detergent

In the autumn of 2010 Dan Alvarez hired me to perform music he’d written for a laundry commercial that was only going to air on the internet. I’d never played on an “internet only” commercial but thought it would be the same as all the other TV ads I’d done, that is, tame and family friendly. I think you’ll agree this isn’t your typical TV ad!

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