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Matt Eakle Band

Matt Eakle | Jazz Flutist, Classical Flautist, Flute PlayerFlute-fired fusion from Matt Eakle, soloist since 1989 with the David Grisman Quintet, cutting loose, jamming hard, and digging a deep groove with his favorite rhythm section.
Joey Edelman, piano; Alex Baum,bass; Jack Dorsey, drums.


Matt Eakle’s Flute Jazz Trio CD

Matt Eakle | Jazz Flutist, Classical Flautist, Flute PlayerAfter nine years with the eclectic David Grisman Quintet, flutist Matt Eakle was given the opportunity to step out with his first solo album, and he makes the most of it with Flute Jazz. Employing a drummerless trio format, Eakle mixes his own original compositions with standards and tasteful jazz covers to produce an excellent showcase for his fine flutin’. His classically influenced tone is warm and airy, his original melodies are fresh yet familiar, and his improvisations are creative, incorporating inventive melodic twists and trilling, slurring, flutter-tongued effects.

Eakle’s musical partners are superb as well. Acoustic guitarist Davis Ramey provides sympathetic chordal accompaniment and well-conceived solos, while bassist Harvie Swartz nimbly slips, slaps and slides across his doghouse’s full range. The recording itself is beautiful, giving the instruments a naturally dry, reverbless sound, as though the three players were actually in the room with the listener. This is totally acoustic music of the highest quality, recommended without reservation.

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